AviationManuals and Fireside Team Up on Emergency Response

 - April 17, 2017, 9:33 PM

AviationManuals, a provider of aircraft operations manuals and safety management system (SMS) software, and emergency services provider Fireside Partners are collaborating on enhanced emergency response programs (ERP) through integration with SMS software. By integrating elements of Fireside Partners' ERP processes into its SMS software, AviationManuals will offer clients a “more robust and effective” ERP implementation.

"Following an aviation accident, medical or mechanical emergency or act of criminal intent, an organization's three priorities should be to protect people, protect the perception of the business and participate effectively in an investigation," said Fireside Partners president and CEO Don Chupp. "This new partnership with AviationManuals brings together industry best practices, coupled with the ability to…customize the services and resources of two companies. Just as in any quality aviation manual, it is important that operators can actually do what they say they will do. This logical blending of ERP and SMS adds customization, certainty and service excellence to an operator's safety program."

The partnership will also allow the companies to provide higher-quality collaborative ERP manuals and services, with each company focusing on its core strengths.