NBAA Convention News

MedAire Offers Free Cholesterol Tests and MedLink Virtual Reality Tour

 - September 26, 2017, 3:40 AM
Since it was founded in 1985, MedAire has responded to more than 1 million calls.

If you haven't had your cholesterol tested lately, you can do so free of charge at the MedAire booth (N3510) during the NBAA Convention. After the five-minute cholesterol screening, attendees will learn of their results in private. Dr. David Streitwieser, MedAire’s MedLink medical director, as well as other medical team members, will be on hand to answer questions.

As more people are flying than ever before—especially our aging population—it's not uncommon that many passengers are doing so with underlying medical problems. As a result, in-flight medical events for crewmembers and passengers alike have increased. High cholesterol can be an indicator of health issues, and will show no symptoms, highlighting the importance of getting cholesterol levels checked.  

For the first time, convention-goers can visit MedLink without leaving MedAire's booth via a short virtual reality tour. MedLink, housed in the emergency center at Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix, is the largest Level I trauma center in the area.

Around the clock, the MedLink Emergency Response Center takes upwards of 300 calls per day from aircraft and yachts around the world. MedLink, established in 1987, instantly provides the highest levels of medical expertise to help resolve remote emergencies anywhere in the world. The MedLink team will be available to share their knowledge with NBAA attendees, including leading causes of in-flight medical events specific to business aviation.

Since Joan Sullivan Garrett founded MedAire in 1985, the company has taken more than one million calls to help clients, passengers and guests with health or security issues in the air and when traveling away from home. Crewmembers, owners and passengers rely on MedAire’s comprehensive program of assistance, specialty medical kits and equipment and crew medical training to mitigate travel risk. MedAire is a critical medical and security component of a flight operation’s safety management system (SMS), as well as an IS-BAO International Standard Support Services Affiliate. An International SOS group company, MedAire is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

MedAire is holding a panel discussion in meeting rooms N249/250/251 on Tuesday, October 10, from 1 to 2 p.m. The session, open to attendee participation, will cover what to do in the event of a severe medical emergency on your aircraft or on the ground at your destination. Other topics focus on crew preparedness and logistical considerations, such as landing in unfamiliar locations and coordination of sensitive communications to react quickly and decisively to any circumstances that may arise. This educational session will highlight real-life case studies of aviation emergencies and break down what operators can learn from these incidents to enhance medical and security crisis readiness.

Panelists include MedAire founder Joan Sullivan Garrett; Matthew Bradley, regional security director of International SOS; Greg Kulis of L Brands; David Streitwieser M.D., of Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix; and Diann Weaverling, MedAire's operations manager.