Asset Insight Rolls Out Real-time Aircraft Valuation Tool

 - May 15, 2018, 10:36 AM

Asset Insight has launched a web-based tool that provides an aircraft’s current market and estimated residual values, a comparison of marketability against other aircraft listed for sale, and predicted future maintenance expenses. Dubbed eValues, the tool also allows users to track data for one or more aircraft and compare current and forward-looking information for selected aircraft side-by-side. A subscription to eValues starts at $50 per month for one aircraft.

According to Asset Insight, the new tool analyzes every production year for most modern business aircraft models. Analytics are based on preloaded aircraft information by serial number, but subscribers can update existing data and assumptions for any aircraft.

Valuation data and other information can be presented in graph and table formats for current, residual, orderly liquidation value, and maintenance events. This data provides a current snapshot, as well as a five-year outlook, the company said. Aircraft can be analyzed and compared side-by-side for buy and sell decisions, and groups of aircraft can be saved and tracked individually or as a portfolio.

“The eValues system derives values using the same methods, techniques, and processes an aircraft appraiser would use and is the industry’s only tool that runs on a true artificial intelligence platform,” said Asset Insight president Tony Kioussis. “As such, the system’s capabilities will continue to improve by virtue of embedded algorithms. It is the only automated, web-based system that can forecast residual values, maintenance events and their cost, aircraft marketability, and other useful planning and decision-making information.”