Honeywell and FlightAware Boost Flight-tracking Support

 - June 12, 2018, 1:04 PM

A partnership between Honeywell and FlightAware will offer advanced flight-tracking support to operations control centers and business jet owners. The collective effort will provide customers of Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Services with access to real-time information including aircraft speed, position, altitude, and estimated time of arrival. The service will be available at no additional cost to GoDirect customers.

Flight information from FlightAware is aggregated from datalink position reports, air traffic control radar systems in 45 countries, and a worldwide network of terrestrial ADS-B receivers in 180 countries. Users of Honeywell GoDirect Flight Services will have access to this information, thus enabling operations control center teams to monitor air traffic trends. By identifying an airport delay ahead of time, the team can update an aircraft’s planned route to save time and money.

“By working closely with FlightAware, we are giving business jet owners and operators a more complete view of the skies so they can more efficiently anticipate and manage their aircraft operations, thus reducing costs and improving passenger experience," said John Peterson, senior director of connectivity services for Honeywell Aerospace. "As the needs of business aviation operators continue to become more complex, we’ll match that complexity by partnering with companies like FlightAware to continuously improve our services.”