Aerion Ramps Up Hiring as SSBJ Program Progresses

 - August 9, 2018, 11:04 PM

Aerion will hold a recruiting event on September 21 in Los Angeles as it seeks experienced program directors and subsystem engineers for its in-development AS2 supersonic business jet. According to Aerion president and COO Tom Vice, the company’s employee roster is growing rapidly as it heads into detailed design, systems test, production, and, eventually, first flight of the AS2.

The company is developing its supersonic business jet in collaboration with GE Aviation, which is developing the first civil supersonic engine in more than 50 years, as well as with Lockheed Martin. Aerion plans to fly the AS2 in 2023 and make a supersonic crossing of the Atlantic in October of that year—the 20-year anniversary of the last flight of the Concorde.

“The AS2 is the first in a series of increasingly capable and efficient supersonic aircraft, both business jets and airliners, that will revolutionize travel, create closer personal connections around the world, and drive global commerce,” said Vice. “I cannot think of a greater mission or more stimulating environment in which to work within the aerospace industry.”