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Stevens Named SmartSky Distributor

 - October 16, 2018, 9:00 AM

Stevens Aviation has been approved as an authorized dealer for the sale and installation of equipment for the SmartSky Networks 4G LTE air-to-ground network, which will soon roll out across the entire U.S. The MRO company (Booth 656) will sell the equipment from its three locations—Greenville, South Carolina; Dayton, Ohio; and Nashville, Tennessee—for “many business jet models, using STC licenses obtained from other SmartSky distribution partners.”

“The demand for reliable, full-functioning in-flight connectivity has never been greater," said Phil Stearns, Stevens Aviation sales and marketing director. "The SmartSky Networks [Booth 2015] 4G LTE system combines the bidirectional high-speed, large capacity and low latency necessary for a true office-in-the-sky experience, making it a breeze to surf the web, use VPNs, access the corporate cloud, play live games, videoconference, make calls, and more.”

The SmartSky network uses beamforming, a 5G technology, to deliver a secure signal to each aircraft in the network, added the company. “Each beam communicates with just one aircraft at a time, ensuring high performance regardless of network loading.”