Duncan Inaugurates New Utah Mx Facility

 - January 9, 2019, 10:48 AM
This Bombardier Global Express XRS launched the service entry of Duncan Aviation's new maintenance facilty at Utah's Provo Municipal Airport this week. The long range twinjet will receive a 120-month airframe inspection and 10-year landing gear overhaul during its stay.

Duncan Aviation has accepted the first aircraft into the new maintenance hangar at its Provo, Utah facility. The first phase of what will by the end of 2020 be a $70 million, 275,000-sq-ft facility, this first hangar was completed last week, with the issuance of the necessary permits in time to welcome the first occupant, a Bombardier Global XRS. That aircraft is now undergoing a 120-month airframe inspection along with a 10-year landing gear overhaul. A 53,000-sq-ft paint facility is slated for completion in the first quarter, followed by a second 40,000-sq-ft maintenance and completions hangar by the end of the summer.

“We have been working hard to prepare and plan for our new maintenance and modifications center in Provo, and we are thrilled to have the first maintenance hangar ready and open for work,” noted Chad Doehring, the facility’s vice president of operations. He added that customers who bring their aircraft to the Provo MRO will receive the same level of customer service and knowledge they would at the company’s other locations. “Our goal was to carefully plan our staffing to expand the overall feeling, culture, and experience to our growing base in Provo,” Doehring said.