Genav Terminal Opens at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport

 - March 7, 2019, 10:35 AM

Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) recently inaugurated a new general aviation terminal that is being operated by a consortium formed by CFly Aviation and Jetex Flight Support, with ground handling by Dnata. The dedicated general aviation terminal can handle up to 200 VIP passengers an hour, the companies said.

It opened as a “proof of concept” with a temporary structure assembled from 39 shipping containers in 45 days, with a permanent structure planned in mid-2020. The ramp area, previously rated for 12 business jets, can now handle 39 with the high-density parking techniques used by CFly for the 2014 World Cup in Rio. Expanded ramp area and a heliport await an environmental permit, while there are longer-term plans to build a hangar.

Business jet use of Guarulhos had been hindered by lack of parking, which required repositioning; lack of slots; and the need for passengers to take a van to the main terminal to pass through customs and immigration alongside airline passengers. The general aviation terminal contains physical facilities for immigration and customs, but availabilty of government personnel to run is still in negotiations with the respective agencies.

In collaboration with airspace control organization DECEA, the airport has increased the number of possible operations to 55 per hour, with new procedures allowing simultaneous use of both runways.