California Dreaming for Private Hangar Complex

 - April 5, 2019, 11:41 AM
Los Angeles-area Camarillo Airport will receive the first CloudNine private hangar complex after its developer secured a 50-year lease on a seven-acre parcel from Ventura County. Aircraft owners in the complex will be free to choose whichever of the four FBOs at the airport they wish for fueling and line service.

California’s Camarillo Airport is slated to receive what is hoped to be the first of several CloudNine private hangar complexes around the country. The idea of real estate developer Ron Rasak, the project, which will break ground in December on a seven-acre campus at the Los Angeles-area airport, will include a private airport entrance and four 25,000-sq-ft hangars, each with up to 5,000 sq ft of attached office space.

Designed for the private aircraft owner, each hangar will feature attached garages, commercial-grade kitchen, executive office, and lounge with en suite bathroom and walk-in closets. An entry lobby and lounge area, flight department offices, and fitness rooms are also standard.

“Our theory is that owners of larger jet aircraft, if given the option, value higher levels of privacy, security, and luxury than are found in community hangar storage options at most FBOs today,” said Rasak, adding that one of the hangars is already under negotiation. “We’re honored to bring such a significant development project to Ventura County’s Camarillo Airport, and to the greater business aviation community.”