FAA Issues STC with More Options for Part 25 ADS-B

 - June 27, 2019, 10:41 AM

FreeFlight Systems has received FAA approval for a new ADS-B Out-compliant upgrade for Part 25 jets that include Hawkers, Challengers, Falcons, Gulfstreams, Learjets, and Citations equipped with the Honeywell MST 67A transponder. The STC, which was developed in partnership with Becker Avionics and Peregrine, can also include ADS-B In capability.

For ADS-B Out, the STC replaces dual MST 67As with Becker’s BXT6533 Mode-S transponder paired to FreeFlight’s 1203C SBAS/GNSS sensor. To add ADS-B In capability, the FreeFlight Rangr RX ADS-B receiver is also installed.

The Becker BXT6533 is “designed specifically for complete interoperability with existing TCAS II systems,” according to FreeFlight, “and provides a much-needed alternative to traditional Mode-S suppliers in regional airline TCAS II operations, as well as turbine and air transport operations, both civil and military.”

The STC’d ADS-B upgrade can be installed in aircraft with TCAS I and II and is diversity-capable (a requirement for Canada’s upcoming ADS-B mandate). The system is available in single or dual configurations.