New FlightSafety Course Focuses on Thwarting Kidnapping

 - September 13, 2019, 9:48 AM

FlightSafety International has launched a new course aimed at helping corporate aircraft passengers and crews traveling abroad from becoming kidnap victims, the New York-based training firm announced yesterday. The two-day abduction prevention course is led by security consulting and threat management firm Skydas Group in partnership with FlightSafety.

“It will help them to develop the core skill sets needed to prevent or avoid being targeted by hostiles while traveling at home or abroad,” FlightSafety senior v-p of sales and marketing Steve Gross said.

The course comprises 15 modules designed to prevent successful attacks, including extremist and criminal methodology; travel pre-planning and checklists; the attack cycle; surveillance detection skills; personal defense; information security; surveillance detection routes; surveillance point recognition; security checkpoints abroad; airport security; hotel safety; and home and family security. 

It wraps up with a field exercise in which attendees attempt to thwart a simulated kidnapping or attack, as well as learn to discover technical surveillance devices. Further, they learn how to lose a mobile surveillance team and avoid static surveillance points.