ZenithJet Global Jet Business Surpasses 150

 - October 10, 2019, 10:33 AM

ZenithJet, which specializes in technical and sales support for purchasers of Bombardier business jets, recently topped its 150th Global transaction. The Montreal-based firm had reached 152 Globals as of October 1, a total reached in less than 11 years since ZenithJet’s founding.

The Global 6000 accounted for 54 of those transactions, more than any of the other Globals, followed by 39 Global 5000s, 29 Global Express XRSs, and 27 Global Expresses. In addition, the transactions have involved two of Bombardier’s new Global 7500 flagship and the first Global 6500, ZenithJet said.

ZenithJet provides expertise throughout various processes, from manufacturing, sales, completions, refurbishment, operations, registration, and residual value assessment. It has developed a program specifically for Global acquisition—called GAINS, for Global Acquisition In-Service—that covers market assessment, aircraft identification, letter of intent and purchase agreement negotiation, oversight of pre-purchase inspection, closing, refurbishment (if required), and entry-into-service.

The ZenithJet team has specifically focused on Globals and built up expertise on that family of the aircraft, said ZenithJet president and founder Nick Houseman. “We worked on the first Global 7500 and, most recently, the first Global 6500 to enter service. Our team possesses exceptional knowledge of Globals.” That expertise includes operational knowledge gained through ZenithJet’s sister company, Elit’Avia, which manages 10 Globals.

While working on 152 Global transactions and counting, Houseman sees continued potential for the market. “Today, there are about 850 Globals in operation worldwide, so the opportunities are very clear,” he said. “Furthermore, the business aviation market is constantly evolving. A trend that we’re seeing now is that OEMs are increasingly motivated to work directly with buyers and their advisors, versus engaging the services of brokers.”