Dubai Airshow

Honeywell Debuts New Power Options and Connectivity Tools

 - November 16, 2019, 12:30 PM

Honeywell Aerospace (Stand 1249) is highlighting at Dubai Airshow 2019 new offerings for the business aviation market from its engines, telecommunications hardware, and onboard connectivity services portfolios.

In the power arena, Honeywell introduced what it calls a micro power unit (MPU), essentially a scaled-down auxiliary power unit (APU) designed for turboprops, light business jets, and helicopters with onboard space limitations. The MPU provides enough power to operate air-conditioning, charge batteries, and assist with main engine start. When used as a primary power source instead of the main engines, the MPU can reduce fuel burn by up to 80 percent on the ground, according to Honeywell, and add to the aircraft’s hull value, as well.

Measuring 12 inches by 13 inches by 24 inches and weighing 75 pounds, the MPU is rated at 10 kW and 400 amps. It complements Honeywell’s line of APUs for large business, commercial, and military jets.

For onboard connectivity, in early 2020 Honeywell will begin delivering the new Aspire 150 satcom terminals and antennas, providing business jet customers access to the Iridium Next satellite network and Iridium's new high-speed Certus service, which allow data speeds of up to 700 kbps, enabling flight deck and cabin access to the internet for flight-plan filing and updating, downloading graphical weather information, video chatting, surfing, and emailing with attachments.

Honeywell claims the Certus hardware will be “the easiest broadband system to install,” and its standard service plan offers the potential to lower airtime costs “as much as 50 percent per megabyte compared with alternative satcom solutions.”

In addition to connectivity hardware, Honeywell counts itself among major in-flight airtime services providers and is highlighting in Dubai its “flexible and affordable” onboard service plans for JetWave Ka-band and SwiftBroadband Ku-band satcom access. Additionally, its GoDirect Cabin apps include Flight Efficiency, which uses advanced analytics to reduce fuel consumption by 3 to 4 percent; Connected Maintenance, which provides prescriptive and predictive data that lowers maintenance costs; and Ground Handling, a tool for increasing ground operations efficiency.