TAE Gets GE Turboprop Mx Nod for Americas

 - November 20, 2019, 11:28 AM

GE Aviation has expanded its service center agreement with TAE Aerospace, authorizing the Australia-based company to support its H-Series and M601 turboprop engines in North and South America.

In 2012 the company was named GE’s designated repair center for those engines in the Asia-Pacific region, and over the past year TAE acquired two U.S. maintenance facilities: Copperstate Turbine Engine Company in Phoenix, Arizona, and Ag Air Turbines in Midvale, Idaho. Under this new authorization, TAE will be able to perform work in the Americas starting in 2020, including line maintenance inspections, routine installed engine maintenance, removal and replacement of engines and components, as well as heavy repairs using OEM-provided parts.

“TAE is a valuable member of our turboprop service network and has contributed to our customers’ growth and success in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Milan Slapak, the engine maker’s president and CEO for the Czech Republic. “Expanding TAE’s expertise in North and South America benefits the entire industry.”