Beechcraft Starship Gets ADS-B In/Out

 - March 18, 2020, 11:21 AM

Addison, Texas engineering firm Aerospace Quality Research and Development (AQRD) has designed and developed an installation package to enable the Beechcraft Starship to comply with ADS-B Out requirements.

AQRD cited challenges of bringing the aged Starship pusher-prop fleet into compliance, including lack of available support for the airframe and components and limited real estate in the flight deck. “This is a significant milestone for the Beechcraft Starship, as it will ensure that the Starship will be shared and enjoyed for decades to come,” AQRD said.

AQRD used its in-house development team to design an upgrade that makes the Starship not only ADS-B Out-compliant but also ADS-B In-capable with upgraded flight deck and transponders.

Beech Aircraft certified the Starship, the first all-composite business aircraft, in 1988 and produced 53 before ending production in 1995. Most have since been parted out, while several are on display at museums. However, a handful of the aircraft—noted for its unusual canard-wing design—are still in service.

The Starship is among a number of antiquated aircraft for which ADRD has engineered upgrades to ensure they can keep flying. Others include the Dassault F1 Mirage and Northrop F5.