McCauley Receives FAA Cert for SkyCourier Propeller

 - September 3, 2020, 1:10 PM
Two Cessna SkyCouriers are currently undergoing flight testing. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

Textron Aviation’s McCauley Propeller Systems has received FAA certification for its C779 propeller that will be used on Cessna’s new utility twin-turboprop, the SkyCourier. Noting that the propeller was specifically designed to enhance the SkyCourier’s performance, the C779 was subjected to 135 hours of endurance and functional tests for certification, according to Textron Aviation.

That testing included a blade retention system test at twice the maximum centrifugal load of the propeller during operation. “The development of the McCauley C779 propeller was a collaborative effort between McCauley and Textron Aviation engineers,” said Textron Aviation senior v-p of parts and programs Kriya Shortt. “The propeller has been optimized for the SkyCourier aircraft and engine design with careful attention to durability and low maintenance costs.”

Shortt added the new propeller is one way Textron Aviation is keeping maintenance costs on the airplane in check. So is the use of Goodrich DuraTherm de-ice boots, which will offer improved impact resistance of the propellers on the SkyCourier, two examples of which are currently in flight testing.