Metrojet Completes Major Mx Checks on G650ERs

 - November 18, 2020, 11:04 AM
Metrojet's 4C checks on the pair of Gulfstream G650ERs included landing gear modifications, the MRO provider said. (Photo: Metrojet)

Metrojet has completed two Gulfstream G650ER 4C inspections in the past six months, the only Hong Kong-based MRO to do so. The first one was completed in May while the second one was wrapped up in October.

Included in the checks were fuel tank inspections, ram air turbine ground functional tests, landing gear modifications, and shock servicing. Metrojet also rectified all defect findings on the twinjets within the 30-day planned downtime.

In a related development, Metrojet appointed Dave Yip as the new general manager of its Hong Kong MRO effective November 1. “Our MRO operation has a very solid foundation with cooperative team members capable of performing comprehensive and complex maintenance tasks,” Yip said. “Special thanks go to the planning, stores, procurement, and engineering teams for achieving their second G650ER 4C inspection smoothly and on time.”