Aerocor Trains 27 New Eclipse Pilots in 2020

 - December 23, 2020, 8:00 AM

Aerocor—a Henderson, Nevada-based very light jet sales broker and pilot training provider—ended the year with 27 Eclipse 500/550 type ratings issued. The company plans to conduct three type ratings events per month going forward, and the training is available for Eclipse buyers or pilots who need an Eclipse type rating but don’t own one. Aerocor also offers recurrent training.

The flying portion of the Eclipse pilot training is all done in-aircraft and includes ground school, flight training, and the check-ride and mentor training before being allowed to fly alone. Pilots are also required to obtain upset prevention and recovery training, and this can be done by any qualified third-party. The upset training must be done before the pilot is signed off for completion of the mentor training.

Aerocor's type rating course typically takes 10 days, but can be shorter for experienced pilots or longer for pilots who aren’t well prepared ahead of time or lack jet experience. The type rating training is available as an add-on option when buying an Eclipse from Aerocor; thus, the cost of training can be included in financing. 

“We know how intimidating it can be to make the jump into flying jets,” said Gavin Woodman, who co-founded Aerocor with Justin Beitler. “That’s why we designed our program specifically with the first-time jet pilot in mind.”