True Blue Power Unveils New Li-ion Chargers

 - January 20, 2021, 11:10 AM

True Blue Power has unveiled two intelligent battery chargers—the True Blue Charger Pro and True Blue Charger Mx—that it claims will simplify the charging of lithium-ion aircraft batteries.

The company specifically designed the TT28-12 Charger Pro to charge, discharge, and test True Blue Power li-ion aircraft batteries and pre-loaded it with all necessary parameters, allowing maintenance personnel to top charge batteries and perform scheduled capacity checks. It also automatically discharges li-ion aircraft batteries to 30 percent state-of-charge, which is required for air shipment.

Meanwhile, the TT28-2 Charger Mx maintains li-ion and sealed lead-acid aircraft batteries of any capacity, while continuously displaying battery voltage. The direct-connect, 2.5-amp charger extends battery life and can be used for standby maintenance without trickle charging.

In a separate announcement, Vertical Flight Solutions by EuroTec received Transport Canada approval for the installation of the True Blue Power TB17 li-ion main ship battery on Airbus H125/AS350 series helicopters. Integration of the battery requires no structural work and includes an NVIS-compatible cockpit annunciator. True Blue Power said it expects other approvals—including from the FAA and EASA—to follow.

“EuroTec continues to build a growing list of True Blue Power battery upgrade STC kits,” said True Blue Power director Erik Ritzman. “In addition to the Airbus H125/AS350 and H130/EC130, STCs for the Airbus H135, Leonardo 109 and Bell 407 Series helicopters are in development.”