Jet Linx Unveils Owner Lifecycle Management Program

 - March 4, 2021, 10:53 AM

Aircraft management and jet card membership company Jet Linx has developed a new program that aims to support the life cycle of business jet ownership called Complete Aircraft Transaction (CAT). Under CAT, Omaha, Nebraska-based Jet Linx will provide owners and prospective owners with assistance in acquiring a jet, managing it, and selling it.

During the jet acquisition process, Jet Linx will collaborate with brokers, tax advisers, and legal counsel to provide owner and aircraft matching assessments, pre-purchase inspections, price evaluations, negotiations, and final proposals. Once an aircraft is acquired, Jet Linx will assume management of the jet—its managed fleet consists of 120 aircraft—including providing owners with information such as flight schedules, fuel reports, scheduled maintenance events, and all of the revenue and expenses accrued in a profit-and-loss format. Once an owner is ready to sell, Jet Linx will call on its collaborators to assist in selling the aircraft.

“Since our founding in 1999, we have guided hundreds of aircraft owners through each step of the aircraft ownership lifecycle, no matter how complex, to identify the best solution for their private aviation and investment needs,” said Jet Linx president and CEO Jamie Walker. “With two decades of purchasing, managing, operating, maintaining, and selling hundreds of aircraft in nearly 40 different aircraft types, we understand all of the nuances of aircraft ownership.”