Medical Emergency Digital ID Simplifies Vaccine Records

 - March 5, 2021, 9:27 AM
ID-ME stores personal information such as vaccine status, allergies, medications, etc.

ID-ME has launched a Covid-19 vaccine passport that resides on iOS and Android smartphone digital wallets. The company previously developed the service to store medical emergency information in an easily managed and secure system. So far, the vaccine passport has been tested with six air carriers.

Short for “identification, medical emergency,” ID-ME stores personal information such as vaccine status, allergies, and medications. For Covid-19 vaccine confirmation, the user takes a photo of the vaccine document, which is then verified by a third party.

Anyone can sign up for ID-ME for $1 per month or $10 per year, and all the information is stored in the digital card. While the smartphone’s wallet can display the vaccine passport information, users also receive an email with a PDF document that displays a scannable QR code that can be used in place of the digital wallet. ID-ME can provide a credit card-type card for an additional fee, including white-label branding for organizations that want to offer ID-ME to their members or employees.

Unlike some other vaccine passport systems, the ID-ME card does not require internet access to verify the information and it isn’t connected to health care providers, according to ID-ME founder Ric Webb, who is also the founder of Southern California-based OC Helicopters. “What if you lose phone communication while trying to board?” he asked, posing a scenario where proof of vaccine might be needed for a trip and a different type of vaccine passport relies on internet access. An individual can store other family members’ information on their ID-ME card as well, to help in situations where a member might have a hard time manipulating a smartphone.

“This simple Covid-19 vaccine passport will help get our country moving again,” Webb said. “It is a natural addition to the ID-ME service…and we believe that this addition can assist people with their jobs, travel, and peace of mind.”