Textron Aviation Unveils King Air Ground Cooling STC

 - March 15, 2021, 1:04 PM
Textron Aviation's new ground cooling system allows operators to cool King Air series 200 and 300 airplanes through the use of ground power units. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

A new STC from Textron Aviation enables Beechcraft King Air 200 and 300-series owners and operators to provide flood cooling into the cabin before departure without using power from the twin turboprop’s engines. Cooling is provided by a vapor cycle system using an evaporator/blower unit mounted to the forward side of the aft pressure bulkhead, a compressor/condenser installed in the aft fuselage, and a dedicated ground power unit (GPU) receptacle installed on the belly of the aft fuselage. 

Seamech International is the supplier of the system, which weighs about 60 pounds and is isolated from the aircraft electrical and environmental control systems. Specific pricing is less than $50,000 fly-away and depends on aircraft configuration.

"Aircraft cabins often become heat soaked while waiting on the ground or in the hangar prior to departure and we are proud to offer a solution to this by enabling operators to easily cool their aircraft without anyone needing to be on board," said Textron Aviation senior v-p of customer support Brian Rohloff. A competing air and ground cooling system using a 220-volt plug instead of a GPU was previously evaluated, but the Wichita airframer told AIN it is “confident this is the right product to offer our customers” based on system performance, reliability, and price. It is available for installation exclusively at Textron Aviation service centers.