Eve Lands 50-ship eVTOL Order from Helisul

 - June 7, 2021, 12:09 PM

Brazilian helicopter operator Helisul Aviation today placed an order for up to 50 of the four-passenger eVTOLs being developed by Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions. This announcement comes six days after the Embraer subsidiary logged a separate order for up to 200 of its all-electric, lift-and-cruise model from Halo, the new urban air mobility service launched by business aviation group—and Directional Aviation division—OneSky Flight.

The first of the new aircraft are due to be delivered in 2026. Before then, Helisul and Eve plan to start proof-of-concept air taxi operations in Brazil using Helisul’s existing fleet of Airbus and Bell helicopters.

Though the partners have not specified where commercial operations will begin, São Paulo would seem a likely location given the high volume of helicopter services there. Without providing any further details, the announcement said Helisul and Eve intend “to evaluate how to co-create solutions for urban air mobility leveraging Brazil’s existing air-taxi infrastructure.”

Today’s announced deal is similar to that made with OneSky Flight last week. Its new Halo division incorporates helicopter operators UK-based Halo Aviation and Northeast U.S.-based Associated Aircraft Group.

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