FAA Expresses Concern about Navigation Errors at KTEB

 - August 25, 2022, 11:26 AM

Navigation error incidents continue by aircraft departing Teterboro, New Jersey, (KTEB), according to an FAA Safety Team notice released today. The latest such occurrences pertain to the RUUDY standard instrument departure (SID) on which aircraft have been making lateral and/or vertical navigation errors significant enough for ATC to note.

In the notice, NOTC2564, the FAASTeam reminds operators that the navigation standard is RNAV 1 and the instrument altitude standard is plus or minus 75 feet. Deviations of more than 300 feet msl have been recorded by ATC.

"Off route and altitude excursions are high risk as Newark Liberty International arrivals are only 1,000 feet above RUUDY departures," said the notice. "It is mandatory to cross WENTZ intersection at 1,500 feet. Do not be distracted by the Top Altitude of 2,000 dictated by Climb Via procedures."

Because flight management systems with push-to-load capability will, upon inserting and activating a route modification, erase a previously loaded SID, the notice said that before departing, "pilots must verify the FMS route, aircraft map display, and the SID waypoints and constraints in order to ensure accurate performance based navigation on departure."

The notice also reminds operators that "it is a regulation to inform ATC of degradation or loss of navigation capability as soon as possible."