GE Honda Aero Teams with 4AIR on Carbon-offset Programs

 - November 1, 2022, 10:39 AM
GE Honda Aero Engines (GHAE) celebrates a new sustainability partnership with 4AIR. From left: GE Honda Aero Engines board member Yoshihiko Wajima, GHAE executive v-p Shinji Tsukiyama, 4AIR president Kennedy Ricci, GHAE president Melvyn Heard, and GHAE board member Cristina Seda-Hoelle. (Photo: GE Aerospace)

GE Honda Aero Engines (GHAE) has partnered with sustainability specialist 4AIR to offer carbon offsets to its customers. Through 4AIR, GHAE can offer a range of offset programs, depending on the goals of its customers.

One program option is carbon-neutral, which enables operators to balance emissions with a verified reduction program involving carbon-offset projects. While not a direct reduction in an operator’s footprint, the projects reduce the net footprint to zero, making them carbon-neutral.

Emissions-neutral is another option that combines the carbon-neutral program with verified carbon offsets for non-CO2 emissions. This involves conversions through emissions indexes. And beyond-neutral combines an emissions-neutral program with the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to reduce emissions. Finally, Climate Champion combines a beyond-neutral program with a pledge to the Aviation Climate Fund, which is designed to support research on sustainable aviation technologies and improved operations.

“Sustainability solutions remain at the forefront of our product offerings and as demonstrated by our recent 100 percent SAF testing with the HF120 engine,” said Melvyn Heard, president of GE Honda Aero Engines. “As part of our sustainability strategy, we are committed to working for and with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals.”

GHAE stressed its belief that as private aviation continues to grow, environmental offset commitments will be critical to meeting industry and global climate goals.