Aspen Avionics Cut Prices for Genav ADS-B IN/OUT Units

 - April 20, 2015, 5:52 PM

Aspen Avionics (Booth B-078 to B-091) reduced prices for its single-band ATX100 and ATX100G ADS-B transceivers, the company announced today at the Sun ’n’ Fun Fly-In and Expo. It has dropped the list price of the former from $3,995 to $2,645, while the ATX100G was slashed from $4,995 to $3,495. Prices do not include antennas and installation.

“We understand there are many ADS-B options available. These price reductions align with our philosophy of bringing affordable and flexible avionics solutions to the general aviation community while leveraging installed avionics to keep flyaway costs low,” said Aspen president and CEO John Uczekaj.

Aspen’s single- and dual-band ADS-B units are compatible with the company’s Evolution primary and multifunction flight displays. Each of the Aspen ADS-B boxes can use either a single, bottom-mounted antenna or a diversity antenna system, which has both top- and bottom-mounted antennas for better traffic detection. 

The company’s single-band ADS-B transceivers receive and transmit on the 978-MHz Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) frequency. Both units provide ADS-B IN and OUT capability for aircraft with a mode A/C or S transponder; however, the ATX100 requires a separately installed Waas GPS receiver, while the ATX100G does not. When installed to these specifications, both units can receive ADS-B subscription-free weather and traffic, as well as meet the ADS-B OUT mandate below 18,000 feet.