NBAA Convention News

Jeppesen Updates Charts; Offers Dispatcher Training

 - November 1, 2016, 3:00 PM

Jeppesen is promoting a pair of new initiatives here at the NBAA show. First, the Boeing subsidiary has enhanced its standard instrument departure (SID) and standard terminal arrival (STAR) charts to make them more intuitive. Jeppesen also recently announced a new joint venture with European charter and airline service provider TUI to enhance dispatch operations and training.
The new SID and STAR charts are designed to be easier to read, reducing the chances of violating altitude and speed restrictions. Altitude information is printed in blue, and speed limitations are printed in magenta, making it easy for pilots to find the information they need.
Also, the redesigned charts will include minimum sector altitudes (MSAs) within the plan view, so pilots will be sure to maintain clearance from obstacles. The charts will also have minimum off-route altitude (MORA) information displayed prominently.
The charts, which Jeppesen will begin distributing in Europe and the U.S. next month, are the result of two years’ work with pilots and experts in aviation human factors. “This significant change to our charts improves the user experience with both mobile and installed electronic flight bag [EFB] platforms,” said Mike Abbott, director, Jeppesen Data Solutions Product & Portfolio Management.
Separately, Jeppesen has teamed with TUI on an integrated in-house program for airlines and other operators that streamlines recurrent dispatcher training. Jeppesen’s eAcademy program dovetails with TUI’s on-the-job training format with synergy that “establishes a complete theory and practical learning environment that is ICAO and EASA compliant,” according to Jeppesen.
In developing its portion of the program, Jeppesen partnered with Boeing Services Deutschland to form the eAcademy training courseware. Norman Wagner, director, Jeppesen Stategic Sales & Services—Commercial Aviation Europe, said, “Our complete dispatch training programs are hosted on our servers, which eliminates the need for operators to invest in additional IT infrastructure.