Wingtip ADS-B Solution Nearing Certification

 - March 29, 2018, 7:15 AM
The uAvionix SkyBeacon wingtip-mounted ADS-B Out solution is expected to receive FAA TSO approval in the second quarter of 2018.

The uAvionix skyBeacon wingtip-mounted ADS-B Out solution is on target for FAA TSO approval in the second quarter, uAvionix announced this week at the Aircraft Electronics Association conference. SkyBeacon is a self-contained 978UAT ADS-B Out transceiver and GPS sensor mounted in a small unit that replaces the existing Whelen or Grimes navigation light mounted on many light aircraft.

SkyBeacon works with existing transponders, and installation is relatively simple, requiring connection of power, ground, and if equipped, a strobe wire, then configuration using a mobile app. SkyBeacon replaces the original navigation light and strobe with its own built-in LED nav and strobe lights.

For aircraft with incompatible wingtip lighting, uAvionix is also developing the tailBeacon, a similar ADS-B Out-compliant unit that replaces the white rear navigation light. TailBeacon is expected to receive TSO approval in the fourth quarter. TailBeacon will also be available for rotorcraft, and it has already been test flown successfully on helicopters.

ADS-B In will be available with the skySensor, a nav light/strobe unit that will also mount on the wingtip. SkySensor will provide ADS-B In to mobile devices in the cockpit via Wi-Fi.

The company is planning for an approved model list STC for skyBeacon covering many Piper and Cessna models, and skySensor should also be approved under an AML-STC. Other aircraft types should be able to be approved under field approvals, but uAvionix plans to expand the AML-STC to more aircraft.

SkyBeacon is currently available for experimental aircraft for $1,499, and uAvionix expects the certified version to sell for $1,750 to $2,000. The target price for a skyBeacon and skySensor package is $2,500. The tailBeacon price should be the same as the skyBeacon.