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Garmin TXi Touchscreen Displays Certified, Available for VFR Helicopters

 - January 3, 2019, 8:19 AM
Garmin’s G500H TXi touchscreen displays are now available for installation in a variety of helicopters.

Garmin’s touchscreen TXi displays for normal-category VFR helicopters are now certified and delivering, offering a variety of capabilities for rotorcraft equipped with Garmin’s G500H flight display and/or GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators. Garmin has also unveiled new software for GTN 650/750 units installed in helicopters. Helicopters equipped with a G500H flight display can be upgraded to the TXi displays without replacing existing sensors, and Garmin is offering an upgrade program for these configurations.

The TXi displays are available in 10.6-inch and 7-inch sizes, each with concentric knobs allowing alternative inputs to the touchscreens as well as video input, NVG compatibility, and map overlay on the HSI. The 10.6-inch display is mounted in a horizontal format and can display primary flight display (PFD) and multifunction display (MFD) information simultaneously, according to Garmin. The 7-inch display can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation, including as “a dedicated PFD with instrument tapes and an arc-view HSI” for helicopters with limited panel space.

G500H TXi displays include helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (HTAWS)—when paired with a GTN navigator equipped with HTAWS—and Garmin’s WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology. TXi options include synthetic vision, Connext connectivity via Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway, and Database Concierge for uploading databases using the Garmin Pilot app on a smartphone or tablet. The Connext features include, according to Garmin, “streaming of traffic, weather, GPS information, back-up attitude information, and more from the G500H TXi to the Garmin Pilot, FltPlan Go, or ForeFlight Mobile applications.”

The GTN software update for helicopters adds setting of user-defined waypoints as airports to minimize terrain alerts when landing at an airport that isn’t in the aviation database; a qwerty keyboard; configurable comm sidetone settings; support for Irish, Swiss, and English coordinate systems for easier entry of GPS coordinates; approval of the GMA 35c Bluetooth remote audio panel in helicopters equipped with the GTN 750; and VNAV descent profiles.