New Robinson Training Guide To Cover All Pilot Levels

 - May 15, 2019, 9:12 AM

Robinson Helicopter introduced a new flight training guide designed for all levels of training in Robinson helicopters.

Robinson chief instructor Tim Tucker calls the new guide, “The most complete and innovative training document I have seen. It addresses all levels of pilot activity, not just from the regulatory standpoint, but also from Robinson’s perspective as to the safest way to train and fly its helicopters.” 

The company says the new guide addresses multiple levels of training, from student helicopter pilots to rated pilots working to transition into Robinsons, and provides students and instructors with a progressive lesson syllabus with written tests for each level of instruction.

Courses included are private pilot ground and flight (for either Part 61 or 141 schools); R22/R44 qualification for rated pilots, ground and flight and that meets all SFAR 73 requirements; R66 qualification for rated pilots; a flight review guide for CFIs conducting reviews in accordance with FAR Part 61.56 and SFAR 73; R22/R44 maneuver guides; and endorsement templates for all SFAR 73 and flight review instructor endorsements.

The guide is available from Robinson on its website.