Airbus Helicopters H145 Simulator Lands in U.S.

 - May 11, 2021, 8:48 AM
Airbus Helicopters, which already has stationed an H145 simulator in Germany, added a second to its campus in Grand Prairie, Texas.

A Thales Reality H full-motion Airbus Helicopters H145 full-flight simulator has been installed at Helisim’s $22 million simulation center on the Airbus Grand Prairie, Texas campus. The new sim incorporates the H145 avionics and software suite, a larger field of view, 4K projection technology, a full electric Hexaline high-fidelity, six-axis motion system, and a touchscreen instructor station.

It is Airbus Helicopters’ second H145 full-flight simulator—the other is located in Germany. The 18,500-sq-ft Texas training center houses two simulator bays and can add a third if needed. It also contains an H125/AS350 full-flight simulator and an EC135/EC145 flight-training device. “With this brand-new, state-of-the-art H145 level-D simulator, our North American customers can experience the highest levels of H145 training in their own backyard,” said Airbus Helicopters Inc. president Romain Trapp.

Grand Prairie is one of 18 training and simulation centers run by Airbus Helicopters worldwide and trains more than 1,500 pilots and maintenance personnel annually. Helisim was created in 2000 and trains more than 2,000 pilots each year. It is a joint venture between Airbus Helicopters, Thales, and France’s DCI Group, a company that provides military training and assistance. Helisim’s U.S. subsidiary was created in 2018.