Alliance To Bring Electric Caravan Flights to New York City

 - May 27, 2021, 10:37 AM

Lima NY, which operates a Blade Urban Air Mobility-branded fleet of 10 Cessna Caravan aircraft, has agreed to convert its fleet to all-electric using Magnix electric propulsion units (EPUs) beginning in 2023 under an alliance between the three companies. Blade is the platform for Lima flights offered to the public.

Doing business as Fly The Whale, Lima flies routes between Blade’s Aqua Lounge at the East 23rd seaplane base in New York City, the eastern end of Long Island, and the Blade terminal in Nantucket, Massachusetts. According to Blade, the Magnix EPU-equipped Caravans will operate emissions-free and at the same speed as Lima’s current turboprop-powered Caravans but with reduced noise and lower operating costs.

Under the alliance, Lima will have exclusive rights to modify Caravans with the Magnix EPUs in the Northeast U.S. The alliance is subject to the FAA’s approval of the STC. Last May, Seattle-based Magnix completed a 30-minute flight with a prototype Grand Caravan powered by its 750-hp Magni500 EPU.

“The electrification of our accessible fleet of Blade-branded aircraft, made possible through our alliance with Magnix and Lima, one of our key operating partners, will further accelerate our transition to quiet, emission-free flight," said Blade president Melissa Tomkiel.

Lima operates 7 amphibious versions of the Caravan for the flights to the Hamptons and Nantucket. It also has 3 ground-based Caravans, and these also will be converted to electric propulsion.