Garmin Pilot Adds More Graphical Notam Features

 - July 21, 2021, 11:37 AM
Garmin Pilot can now show graphical depictions of closed runways, such as this image illustrating a recent closure at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Garmin is building on the graphical notam depiction feature in version 10.5 of its Pilot electronic flight bag app and has added runway and airport closures to help pilots quickly see when a planned flight might be affected. An earlier version of Garmin Pilot added graphical airspace, obstacle, and navaid notams.

When flying to an airport that has a pertinent notam, the pilot will be able to see a runway closure notam depicted when zooming in on the dynamic map’s airport or viewing the Garmin SafeTaxi airport diagram. If the whole airport is closed, that will be shown on the dynamic map. Three color codes illustrate different runway closure information: a red runway with a yellow X at each end is closed; if the runway is orange with a yellow clock at each end, there is some information associated with the closure, such as a time or date; a yellow runway means that closure is upcoming.

Another new feature in Garmin Pilot is enhanced terminal notam alerting, which highlights notams on the airport page, procedures, and airport diagrams. This includes a color-coded warning banner on the top of the airport page, a warning button on the bottom right corner and color-coded badge on procedures and airport diagrams, and a warnings tab on the flight plan form. Runway closures are also shown on instrument procedures.

For pilots flying in Europe, Garmin Pilot now displays ICAO airspace classification colors on the dynamic map.

Finally, version 10.5 adds terminal aerodrome forecasts and model output statistics as color-coded overlays, which can be selected to display on the dynamic map or aeronautical chart. The document viewer allows the viewing of embedded annotations within PDFs. Additionally, Garmin added the ability to do text annotations and undo/redo when using the scratchpad or drawing on charts and documents.