NBAA Convention News

Universal Launches Connectivity-enabled Avionics Ecosystem

 - October 11, 2021, 2:42 PM

Universal Avionics (UA, Booth 2545) is announcing its FlightPartner and FlightReview applications and is offering customer demonstrations this week at NBAA-BACE. The applications will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2022 and mark the first step in UA’s goal of creating a connectivity-enabled ecosystem across its avionics.

Connected to Universal’s WAAS/SBAS-enabled flight management system (FMS) by introducing Wi-Fi enablement of existing equipment, the iPad-hosted apps streamline and enhance interactions between the flight team (pilots, maintenance personnel, among others) and the FMS before, during, and post-flight. The apps enable interactions between the FMS and the apps, and between the tablet and UA’s cloud-based infrastructure for data analytics. By providing relevant analytics of each flight, they enable operators to optimize flights and aircraft availability.

UA’s connectivity ecosystem is designed to give customers a connected, open, and data-centric environment to enhance mission preparedness on the ground, in the air, and post-flight. The ecosystem uses a cyber-secure, portable, and cloud-based platform to deliver avionics-centric solutions and support services, including the use of third-party applications and content. 

“FlightPartner and FlightReview are UA’s early steps in a push towards the creation of a dynamic connectivity ecosystem, tying our various avionics systems to a suite of applications and expanded services that our customers will be able to use 24/7/365,” said Universal Avionics CEO Dror Yahav. 

FlightPartner enables operators will be able to build, brief, and file a complete flight plan on their tablet using a convivial graphical interface, upload it to the FMS upon aircraft power-up, and dynamically alter it throughout the flight, directly on their iPad. It is coupled with the navigation data of the FMS. When connected to ground infrastructure, FlightPartner facilitates access to weather information and can speed flight planning by prepopulating the flight plan with winds and temperatures aloft. By automatically connecting with the operator’s account on UniNet, FlightPartner will upload the latest databases to the tablet, and at the appropriate time ensure seamless and secure delivery of them to the onboard FMS. 

FlightReview enables flight and maintenance crews to review performance, pinpoint issues, and optimize operations with accurate data, supporting tools, and analysis. It exchanges data between the FMS and the tablet and automatically uploads it to UA’s cloud-based infrastructure, enabling flight departments to view and analyze the content specific to their operations from any location.