Australia CASA Looks To Reduce GA Regulatory Burdens

 - May 3, 2022, 4:21 PM

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has developed framework to reduce the regulatory burden on general aviation. The plan, drafted in response to a requirement from the country's minister for transport, is intended to work with industry to identify opportunities to refine the safety framework and keep the general aviation community safe while reducing costs wherever possible.

Regulatory priorities underway in the General Aviation Workplan (GAW) are intended to improve pilot licensing rules, streamline regulations that ensure aircraft are airworthy and properly maintained, simplify arrangements that ensure pilots are healthy and alert, facilitate greater operational opportunities for sport and recreational flying activities, and finalize outstanding standards for certain flight operations.

"Other proposals under consideration require further work to determine how to deliver the changes without unintended consequences for industry and in a way that is aligned to our safety objectives," CASA said. "Ongoing engagement with industry, including through its constructive participation in our technical working groups, will be critical to the success of the workplan."

In preparing the GAW, CASA said it has "taken an expansive and flexible approach to considering what is ‘general aviation,’ noting many of the measures will have broader benefits across the wider aviation sector." The initial GAW progress review is required to be submitted to the transport minister by June 30.