Jul 27, 2022

Chuck Aaron and SUU’s Helicopter Training Teaches Pilots How to Survive IIMC Situations

Inadvertent entry into instrument meteorological conditions, or IIMC, is a common cause of helicopter accidents. Southern Utah University’s helicopter training program has integrated with Chuck Aaron's advanced flight academy to offer the world’s only collegiate helicopter upset recovery and advanced instrument flight training. The program focuses first on preventing pilots from getting into IIMC situations, but if they do find themselves in danger, students are taught how to fly out of the situation in one piece.

Well known in the helicopter community for nearly five decades, Aaron gained worldwide fame performing helicopter aerobatics at airshows in a specially-modified MBB BO-105. He is the only pilot in the world licensed by the FAA to teach and perform helicopter aerobatics and only one of two teaching upset recovery training in a helicopter.

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