Oct 21, 2019

Flights of Fancy or the Future of Flight?

Can new technology, including electrical power and autonomous flight, make aviation more sustainable and expand its horizons into urban areas that it currently struggles to reach? Companies behind the almost two hundred new aircraft programs now in the works believe they are on the cusp of revolutionizing aviation. Some of the new designs are essentially flying cars that wouldn’t look out of place in sci-fi comic books. Others look far more conventional, including those built around existing fixed-wing architecture and derivatives from existing helicopter and tiltrotor concepts. Many of the new models are categorized broadly as being eVTOL, meaning electrically powered vertical take off and landing aircraft. But even that tag doesn’t tell the whole story, because several quite different approaches are being taken to achieve this type of flight. Find out how AIN’s new FutureFlight.aero is making sense of this exciting but complex new field of aviation.

Music: Soothie by Michett

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