What Happens After 2020? Datalink - Beyond ADS-B

What Happens After 2020? Datalink - Beyond ADS-B

All eyes are on NextGen avionics upgrades to meet the upcoming 2020 mandates in the U.S. and Europe. But what comes next? How will the upgrade affect your operation, and are there future requirements that you need to be aware of?

Join AIN news editor Chad Trautvetter as he moderates the discussion with our panelists:

  • David Gray, program manager for the FAA’s Surveillance and Broadcast Services program
  • Mike Mitera, president and founder of Chicago Jet Group, the first company to receive FAA certification for a FANS-over-Iridium STC on business aircraft


  • ADS-B Rules and airspace
  • Services – ADS-B In
  • Equipage and avionics performance status
  • Why Datalink is not just for large aircraft over the ocean
  • How Datalink can be used by operators of all types of aircraft
  • Why hands-on FANS training improves overall performance