Business Jet Traveler

Since 2003 Business Jet Traveler and have been helping private aviation end users and influencers maximize their investment in private lift.  This 7x yearly magazine contains the need-to-know information that keeps our readers informed on their choices regarding private air travel.  Reach this exclusive audience within BJT's pages.  

  • 81% of subscribers read half or more of each issue.
  • A pass-along rate of 1.5 means a total audience of 90,473.
  • 77% of BJT readers are involved in purchasing aviation products and services.
  • The average BJT reader spends 42 nights per year in hotels at an average room rate of $326.
  • BJT readers take an average of 44 flights per year (all types).  

Learn more about Business Jet Traveler at or in our Media Kit.  

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Business Jet Traveler