December 2019

Aviation International News

December 2019

The December issue of AIN kicks off with our detailed coverage of Garmin’s new Autoland technology. Designed for emergency use only (for the time being, at least), the system takes over control of a light airplane at the push of a button, autonomously flying to the nearest suitable airport, descending, landing, and shutting down the engine on the runway; all done “hands-off.” Autoland is meant for situations involving pilot incapacitation, and is activated either by a passenger pushing a button, or automatically if the pilot does not respond. It can also be used by a conscious pilot under dire circumstances, such as widespread low fog. While Garmin currently voices no plans for other applications, the system is undeniably a significant step in the direction of fully autonomous flight.

This issue also features a look at training innovations from both CAE and FlightSafety International. Both advances involve using big data and artificial intelligence to streamline the training process, not only for recurrent training, but for ab initio programs as well.

We also take a look at Russia’s plans for advancing its version of a supersonic business jet with funding and technical expertise from Middle Eastern countries and companies. And we have an inside-the-company look at what Icon Aircraft has in mind for its future, following on the production of its all-composite A5 amphibious sport plane.

The December issue also includes the first salvo of coverage from the Bombardier Safety Standdown held in Fort Worth, Texas. Look for more from that growing annual event in next month’s issue.

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