July 2018

Aviation International News

July 2018

Our annual completions and refurbishment report dominates the page count in this issue, with a comprehensive look at providers, trends and innovations.

Bombardier’s new Globals took center stage on this month’s front page. The 5500 and 6500 models are pegged to enter service next year. Meanwhile, the Canadian airframer’s flagship got a new name. It’s now the 7500, reflecting a newly increased range capability. Our pilot report on the newest Kodiak Series II from Quest, and a look at an iconic Boeing B-17 from World War II fill out the aircraft section.

Another special report is on the growing pilot shortage, and what can be done to spare business aviation from its ravages. With airlines dipping into the corporate ranks, the challenge is clear. Another concern is the danger of GPS spoofing and spamming, and new technologies take aim at the problem. Also, fears over Brexit fallout and a look at the push for alternative fuels are items of interest in this issue.

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