Episode 03: Fuel Emergency—Flying on Empty

September 1, 2017, 9:27 AM

How could an instrument-rating student and a flight instructor run out of fuel on a training flight? High-time flight instructor Brian Lloyd recalls his instrument training and an incident that taught him some of his most important aviation lessons. In this episode, AIN's The Human Factor delves into how assumptions and a lack of communication become links in the chain of events that could cause an accident. Whether you are a high-time professional pilot or student pilot, this episode is a reminder of how the wrong decisions can turn into potentially fatal errors. 

In this episode we will hear from:

  • Brian Lloyd—flight instructor and member of SAFE (The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators)
  • Rick Kelly—Crewmember for a major airline and former U.S. Navy flight instructor

Topics in this episode will cover:

  • Crewmember communication
  • Unsafe assumptions
  • Emergency landings