Episode 05: Engine Fire Forces Water Landing, Part 2

October 4, 2017, 5:01 PM

After Dennis Murphy delivered five charter passengers to Havana, Cuba, on February 20, 2003, during the return trip one of the engines on his Cessna 402B burst into flames while he was flying over the ocean, far from land over the Straits of Florida, forcing him to make an emergency water landing. In this second part of his recounting of the harrowing flight in AIN's The Human Factor podcast, we return to the tale as Dennis Murphy ditches his airplane in the ocean and follow along with what happens next.    

In this episode we will hear from:

  • Dennis Murphy, pilot-in-command of the Cessna 402B
  • Brian Lloyd, flight instructor and member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE)
  • Louisa Fisher, program manger for cabin safety training at FlightSafety International

Topics in this episode will cover:

  • Extreme fear
  • Engine fires
  • Water landings
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Survival preparedness
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