Episode 15: Familiar Departure, Busted Altitude | AIN's Tales from the Flight Deck Podcast

December 18, 2018, 12:00 PM

After an unanticipated en route stop-over throws a curve to an experienced crew, they fall victim to an error of omission that could have been disastrous. Leaving Denver International Airport for their homeward leg, they trip up on what has become an alarmingly common problem: pilots not briefing for altitude restrictions on standard instrument departures, or SIDs. Fortunately, an alert controller catches the error in time to avoid an imminent traffic conflict. The Gulfstream pilot in this episode owned up to his mistake. This is a larger systemic problem than you might think, a team of aviation experts concurs.

Topics the episode will cover:

  • RNAV approach and departure procedures/SIDs & STARs
  • Altitude restrictions
  • "Climb/Descend Via" terminology

In this episode you will hear from:

  • Rich Boll, Chairman, NBAA Access Comm. “Flight Deck” Subcommittee 
  • James Slabaugh, Chief Safety Pilot 
  • Keith Gordon, NBAA Rep., LAS Metroplex Committee