Episode 25: Avoiding King Air Rollover Tragedies | AIN's Tales from the Flight Deck Podcast

September 18, 2019, 9:33 AM

Over the past five years, one of the world’s most popular, dependable aircraft has been involved in a series of accidents—all of them fatal, all of them on takeoff. In each case, the Beechcraft King Airs appeared to roll or yaw to the left during a possible engine malfunction and crashed within seconds. What might be happening here? And what can pilots do to save their airplanes, their passengers, and their lives?


  • Edward Hench (pseudonym), King Air 350 crewmember
  • Kipp Lau, pilot, aviation journalist
  • Marc Fruchter, aviation safety consultant
  • Lee Coffman, aviation safety consultant, King Air maintenance expert