September 2019

Aviation International News

September 2019

This issue features the results from the annual AIN Product Support Survey for avionics. Our readers rate the major manufacturers for their dedication to keeping their customers happy. As avionics get more capable, and more complex, keeping them reliable is not only that much more critical, but also that much more involved from the manufacturers’ point of view. Check out who AIN readers say leads the pack and who’s doing better or worse than last year.

The LABACE show in Brazil was ongoing as we prepared this issue, so there is plenty of news on the state of business aviation in Latin America. While economic and political challenges dominate the future outlook, there is nevertheless strong optimism, as manufacturers, operators, and service providers count on expanded infrastructure to fulfill the promise of better days ahead. With its spread out population centers and diverse areas of agricultural business opportunity, the region is a natural for the benefits of business aviation.

AIN senior editor visited FlightSafety International to experience its passenger safety course. Not only did he get a crash course in emergency exits and supplemental oxygen equipment, he learned how to wield onboard fire extinguishers and even got to go for a swim, sampling water rescues.

Finally, have a look at this month’s coverage of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, general aviation’s combination summer camp and airplane-geek candy store. This year, EAA celebrated 50 years in Oshkosh, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe on D-Day, among other milestones. AirVenture has always been an incubator for innovative product development, and this year, the future of urban air mobility and autonomous flight was on display, alongside the show’s tribute to aviation’s history.

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