ACASS helps clients own their journeys with customized support and personal attention

 - May 15, 2019 (All day)


A Montreal-based provider of highly customized global business aviation solutions with worldwide offices, ACASS offers best-in-class aircraft sales, management,and flight crew staffing support.

While business aviation can make travel much more convenient and flexible, it can also bring a host of management and maintenance responsibilities and complications.

ACASS mitigates or eliminates those burdens altogether, from initial acquisition/sale to aircraft management, flight crew staffing, technical services, charter, and more.

Our tagline ‘Own Your Journey®’ perfectly describes what we are committed to helping our clients do,” said Kevin Harris, ACASS Senior Vice President of Services Sales. “While business aviation can be extremely liberating, it can also introduce a host of new challenges, complications, and obligations to our clients’ worlds. We’re here to handle all of that so our clients can get what they want out of their business aviation journey, whether acquiring their first aircraft or when needing staffing, management, or other support for multiple aircraft.” 

We’ve been living and breathing business aviation for 25 years, in some of the most challenging regions of the globe,” added Derek Holter, ACASS Vice President of Flight Operations. “There are few situations we haven’t encountered and learned through experience how best to handle. Our staff is among the most experienced in the industry and have formed beneficial relationships and established extremely helpful resources all over the world.”

To make this happen, ACASS has “boots on the ground” all over the world, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East, and North America. As well, it offers service in multiple languages, with staff who are sensitive to the cultural considerations of the clients they support. 

The company also actively seeks out and employs the latest and most trusted safety protocols and certifications in the industry, as evidenced by its IS-BAO Stage 3 registration and Gold rating from ARGUS® International. 

Most importantly, ACASS is dedicated to providing each client with the customized service and support they need–every time. 

It’s hardly uncommon to hear a company say, ‘Our people make the difference,’ but time and time again our clients and the people we encounter daily tell us that at ACASS it really is true,” said Harris. “Everyone at ACASS, from the highest executive to the receptionist answering our phone, is genuinely committed to helping our clients own their journeys. And all of us will do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

ACASS clients back this up. 

ACASS is the Rosetta Stone of private aviation,” said Segun Adebutu, CEO of Petrolex. “They are a true turnkey solution that makes everything simpler, smoother, and more successful.”

ACASS lived up to its impressive reputation, providing very sound advice and tremendous efficiency to conclude the sale of our aircraft,” agreed Michael Latifi, President/CEO of Sofina Foods. “We hold ACASS in our highest esteem.”

The takeaway: “ACASS has the experience, expertise, resources, people, and unique personal approach to ensure our clients that their assets, and their journeys, are in the very best hands possible,” Holter said. “Whether they need support with aircraft sales and acquisition, aircraft management, flight crew staffing, or any combination of those challenges and more, they will not find a more capable, more committed partner than ACASS.”