AEG Fuels: Simplifying Your Transition to SAF

 - July 21, 2022 (All day)

SAF is a constant topic in our industry and AEG is committed to ensuring access to SAF and other emission reduction tools is as simple as possible for aircraft operators.  AEG has the global reach and technology solutions to take SAF concerns off your list of worries today.

Through AEG, SAF is now available to customers through all their regular procurement channels: term supply contracts, adhoc requests through AEG’s 24/7 dispatch, instantaneous authorizations via AEG’s web portal, and via AEG’s mobile app.

AEG is one of the world’s leading independent energy logistics and aviation services companies,” states AEG’s Vice President of Global Supply, Stephen J. Leonard. “Our model and technology platform allow us to remain nimble and highly responsive to customer needs, including SAF, on a global scale.

Participating in SAF can be challenging for operators due to the limited supply and lack of visibility to expected costs.” Leonard explains. “We are tracking into wing SAF pricing and availability daily. Our network and experience are in place to help any operator achieve their goals of environmental integrity through the integration of SAF and carbon offsets into their regular fuel programs.”

Supporting SAF through Book and Claim

AEG has introduced a unique book-and-claim service.

It’s an innovative program where SAF is released into an aircraft in one location but marketed to a customer in another location where physical SAF is unavailable,” Leonard states.

The program allows for operators to support the continued introduction of SAF by paying for the replacement of a conventional jet fuel molecule without incurring the added cost and carbon emissions from transporting the material extended distances,” he continues. “Participating in our book-and-claim service will help customers prepare for upcoming SAF mandates and incentives. We believe it’s a smart and efficient way to begin their company’s transition to sustainable fuel sources.”