Aircraft Performance Group: The New Standard for Pre-flight Planning on a Mobile Device

 - May 19, 2019 (All day)


Flying is complicated. Pre-flight planning doesn’t have to be—but only if you use the iPreFlight Genesis application by Aircraft Performance Group.

Newly released, APG’s iPreFlight Genesis is a mobile iOS app that puts all aspects of pre-flight planning in the palm of your hand. Robust and powerful, iPreFlight Genesis can be used for flight planning, runway analysis, and weight and balance calculations for flights anywhere in the world.

Using data provided by the aircraft manufacturers, high-fidelity weather information, and NOTAMs, plus specific airport, obstacle, and terrain information compiled by APG, iPreFlight Genesis quickly computes a series of possible flight plans and routings for the pilot to choose from. (This includes the direct route, preferred routes, recently cleared routes, and a wind/temperature optimized route based on APG’s proprietary routing algorithm. It does this while incorporating APG’s industry standard Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance calculations, ensuring that the recommended flight plans are safely within the aircraft’s capabilities and limitations.

All you have to do is enter your aircraft’s tail number, the departure and arrival airports, ETD or ETA, and the number of passengers and/or cargo weight,” said APG CEO Mike Caflisch. “And iPreFlight Genesis calculates all of the necessary flight parameters and does so without the need for an internet connection; a first in the industry. Better yet, these tightly integrated calculations are not generic: they are based on the precise characteristics of the aircraft that you are flying.”

When an internet connection is available, iPreFlight Genesis can file flight plans (FAA, Eurocontrol, AFTN) and share those plans with crew members and dispatchers on the ground. (This connection can also be used to update real-time weather, NOTAMs, and other time-sensitive data.)

This app comes with over 2,200 of APG’s custom Engine-Out Departure Procedures (EOPs) that allow for increased maximum allowable takeoff weights, based upon iPreFlight Genesis’s worldwide airfield database of over 9,000 airfields.

APG’s iPreFlight Genesis is the mobile pre-flight planning solution pilots around the world have been asking for,” said Caflisch. “We’ve set a new standard in the industry with this release.”