Avfuel: Fuel in 2020 & Beyond

 - August 17, 2020 (All day)

Clean, dry and on-spec—good fuel has been uneventful and has garnered little attention. Until now.

As the world changes and companies become more concerned about the environment, we’re ushering in an exciting new era for fuel—one in which flight departments and FBOs are in search of sustainable options. Thus, a widespread desire for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) emerged in 2019 and continued to gain momentum into 2020.

Despite the challenges posed by coronavirus, the Avfuel team still sees strong interest in SAF as customers evaluate incorporating their flights’ CO2 emissions into their overall sustainability platform. To support this initiative, Avfuel has an expert team dedicated to making sustainable fuel attainable—including sourcing, blending, storing, testing and supplying SAF.

However, recognizing that the challenges to widespread adoption of SAF include availability and price, Avfuel now offers carbon offsetting, which—despite being a less direct approach to sustainability—has the benefit of accessibility and being cost effective. Avfuel’s Carbon Offset Program allows operators to simply purchase carbon credits that offset their flights’ emissions. Designed with ease in mind, the program lets fuel buyers designate a certain amount of gallons to offset when they purchase fuel from Avfuel, or opt to offset all fuel gallons from Avfuel with carbon credits continuously.

But offering carbon credits isn’t the only fuel-buying solution Avfuel unveiled in 2020—the fuel supplier also began offering customers fixed forward pricing (FFP) contracts, as many industry experts expect fuel prices to rise. In this program, Avfuel agrees to supply a fixed monthly volume of fuel to a customer over a set period of time at a fixed price. While not a good fit for all operators, FFP contracts are a way for larger fuel consumers with the ability to make an upfront deposit to protect themselves from price spikes while providing complete visibility into one of their largest variable costs: fuel. Looking forward, Avfuel anticipates these new solutions will gain momentum, helping to shape the bizav fuel market of the future.